THE MISSION (What We Do)...

NEW DAWN Theatre draws brilliance out of shadows by illuminating & supporting cutting edge works of overlooked, under-represented communities of our theatrical landscape through innovative, exciting & excellent theater productions.

THE VISION (How We Do It)...

NEW DAWN Theatre Company is present in a time when there is need for more outlets that give a diverse body of artists the support and space to: create, be seen & heard, expand & transform in positive ways that radiate out into our communities at large. We are proud to be a vessel which amplifies a rising chorus of diverse, colorful & often muted communities of theater artists. Each season we breathe life into two established plays & one devised play.

Our established plays (one straight play, one musical) reflect the body of our company, staff, board and varied communities we serve in that they are by, for & feature women, minorities and members of the LGBT communities.

Our devised production is cultivated through empowering those communities that are physically, mentally or socially incarcerated to tell their stories through creative writing workshops. Our goal is to amplify vital yet muted voices, arm those who feel powerless with tools that affect change from within and outward.


"NEW DAWN because it's time. It's been time, it's always going to be time" -Thomasina Petrus

"NEW DAWN is freedom to step into My stories, My way and from, My perspective" -Regina Williams

"My work as a Stage Manager is to provide a space where people thrive and art is possible. NEW DAWN is an opportunity to continue to create those spaces with beautiful individuals and reflect it outwards to keep that energy..." -Salima Seale

"NEW DAWN is a certain state of mind as well as a place where I can create transformative work with artists that I admire." -Aimee K. Bryant

"NEW DAWN is collaborating with creative, powerful women and inviting this synergy to unlock all that's been growing in my own artistic core." -Kate Guentzel

"Throughout history there have been periods where we worked together for the common good rather than struggled under a dominator systems. It's time for a NEW DAWN, a time to usher in a paradigm shift to a more partnership way of organizing society. One way to do this is to celebrate the contributions of women and those considered "less than." -Laura Esping

"It's time to exercise our right, power and privilege to expand our theater landscape by carving out custom spaces to create theater by, with and for the diverse minds, bodies & voices of our communities." -Austene Van